Our Hiring Process

ABLE Staffing Hiring Process

At ABLE Staffing, we provide a specialised recruitment service for the Early Years and Childcare sectors. We are proud to be one of the most trusted recruitment agencies in the UK, and since being founded in 2014 we have successfully helped over 1200 candidates to take the next step in their career by placing them in one of our exciting job roles.

Our staff members love the rewarding work, flexibility, financial rewards, and comprehensive support that we can offer, while our clients can’t get enough of the skilled, motivated, and trustworthy workers that we send their way.

And since it’s crucial to ensure that candidates and employers are a good fit for each other, we make every effort to ensure that our staff members are only matched to opportunities that suit their experience, skillset, and ambitions.

Plus, as safeguarding is of paramount importance for sectors such as healthcare and early years education, we place particular importance on ensuring that all our candidates are mature and trustworthy individuals who are suitable for placements in sensitive settings.

How We Find The Right Fit

At ABLE Staffing, we’re fuelled by our passion for connecting talented professionals on the hunt for their next job role, with excellent employers who need positions filled and are actively searching for the right people.

We also understand that finding the ideal candidate for a role requires dedication and perseverance, which is why we go above and beyond our competitors to seek skilled individuals from places where other recruiters wouldn’t think to look.

Then, to ensure that we have only the best, most trustworthy workers on hand, we use a thorough, carefully constructed vetting process to ensure that anyone unsuitable is filtered out.

This process – which all candidates must go through – consists of the following steps:

  • Candidates fill in our online Application Form
  • Candidates complete our Pre-Vet phone call process
  • Candidates undergo multiple compliance checks, including an Enhanced DBS check, Barred List check, Probation check, Right to Work check, and Reference checks.

Those applying for Early Years teaching roles will also undergo a further check to ensure that they aren’t disqualified from teaching.

  • One of our friendly consultants then guides the candidate through our Video Introduction
  • A Welcome Pack is sent to the candidate via email; this will contain all the information they need to find the perfect role to suit their skills, ambitions, and lifestyle

Creating The Perfect Culture

Once candidates have successfully made it through our vetting procedures, there is then one more step that they must go through.

We believe that recruitment is about more than just filling roles, and that a team is much more than a group of individuals sharing a workspace. Instead, it is a melting pot of shared knowledge and values that inspires everyone within it to develop their skills, support each other, and meet and exceed targets every day.

For this reason, we take the time to learn about our staff as people, know more about their background, and discover what they most value in their lives and their careers. This means that when we’re working to fill vacancies on behalf of clients, we’ll know which of our staff will be most suitable for the positions.

Then, once our team members are matched to a role, we give them all the support they need to excel in their new position, and ensure they have the chance to keep developing and progressing over time.

Measures like this mean that we have an exceptional ability to create long-lasting and highly successful connections between our clients and staff members that have delivered excellent results for all involved. 

So, whether you’re a childcare service provider looking to make your next hire, or a talented professional excited to see what opportunities we have to offer, we want to hear from you!

Our Equality And Diversity Policy

We take pride in our ethical approach to recruitment and encourage an environment of openness in all interactions.

We are proud of our equal opportunities policy, and will never discriminate based on ethnic origin, race, disability, gender, sexual orientation, or age. In addition, religious and cultural diversity are valued.

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