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Permanent Roles For Early Years Childcare Professionals

Are you a current or aspiring childcare professional searching for a permanent role in the Early Years sector?

As one of the most trusted recruitment companies in the UK, we are passionate about matching enthusiastic Early Years childcare workers with leading employers in the industry to help children develop essential life skills from an early age.

At ABLE Staffing, we offer full support and guidance to our team, helping people to get the very best out of their childcare careers and reach their full potential.

By using our extensive experience of placing our candidates into exciting job roles, and through assigning one of our experts to act as your dedicated Consultant and point of contact, you will be supported throughout your career progression, enabled to expand your skills, and empowered to achieve your goals within the childcare sector.

Why Choose ABLE Staffing?

ABLE Staffing is more than just a recruitment company: we’re career matchmakers.

We go above and beyond the average recruitment company, proactively seeking out the best childcare professionals across the UK and matching them with leading employers in the industry.

We offer an excellent range of benefits to our workers, which include:

  • The best pay rates in the Childcare sector of up to £13 per hour!
  • A dedicated Consultant as your point of contact
  • The chance to earn rewards in our Employee of the Month scheme

So, if you’re searching for exciting new opportunities in your childcare career, make sure you get in touch.

The Perks Of Working For Us

A Rewarding Career

Childcare professionals play an essential role in ensuring children’s healthy development and promoting their health and wellbeing through positive role modelling, consistent support, and effective safeguarding procedures in early childhood.

These skills enable children to develop the necessary cognitive, social, and behavioural skills for lifelong learning and healthy attachments throughout their lives.

This means early years childcare is a highly rewarding career that offers you the chance to make a visible difference to the lives and wellbeing of young children, as you help to ensure that they grow up to flourish and reach their full potential.

Flexible Shifts

Working hours within the Early Years childcare sector are highly flexible, and many professionals choose to work part-time.

The job roles also offer a flexible career path for those who have commitments outside of work – such as raising a family of their own, or responsibilities to care for family members and loved ones.

They are also ideal for childcare workers who are currently expecting a child of their own and want to continue working throughout their pregnancy on reduced hours, and for those with long-term illnesses or chronic health conditions who can’t commit to a regular, full-time role.

At ABLE Staffing, we help you fit your work around the rest of your life.

We are currently looking for staff who can work anywhere between 1-5 days a week in our Nursery Nurse, Nursery Assistant, and Early Years teacher roles, with several shift patterns available between the hours of 8/9am – 5/6pm, meaning these positions offer flexible hours at sociable times.

It’s Never Boring!

Unlike many careers, every day in childcare is different. Children have a seemingly endless source of imagination and energy – and although this is why working in childcare can be tiring at times, it’s also why it is so inspiring!

Working with children allows you the space to be spontaneous and creative, to have fun, and to fill your days with enriching employment. If you’re looking for a vocation which is never boring and always keeps you on your toes, then childcare might just be the career for you.

Reliable And Consistent Work

Early Years practitioners are always vital to the work of childcare service providers, and as the UK population continues to grow, demand for childcare professionals should only increase.

This gives Early Years professionals an enviable level of job stability. And what’s more, as childcare workers accumulate greater skills, qualifications, and experience, they often find they’re in a strong position to pick who they work for, where they work, and for how long.

Career Progression

The childcare sector offers an abundance of career progression opportunities, such as training to become an Early Years Teacher, becoming a senior practitioner, or specialising in working with children with additional needs.

Whatever job you begin with, you will have the chance to progress to new and exciting roles and earn higher rates of pay. Some workplaces may even pay for you to undertake further study and training.

Plus, at ABLE Staffing, our own dedicated consultants can provide career progression advice to help you reach your full potential.

About Our Hiring Process

If you’re passionate about working in Early Years childcare, we want to hear from you! There are just five simple steps to joining our amazing team:

  • Fill in our online Application Form
  • Have a Pre-Vet phone call
  • Undergo compliance checks, including Enhanced DBS, Right to Work, and Reference checks
  • Have our local consultant guide you through our Video Introduction
  • Receive the welcome pack we’ll send you via email that contains all the information you need to find the perfect role for you

Our Current Roles

We have a wide range of permanent positions currently available for both qualified and unqualified Early Years childcare professionals. These roles include:

  • Nursery Nurse (Qualified)
  • Nursery Assistant (Unqualified)
  • Early Years Teacher

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